Ditching The Air With a Conversion to Springs

Unity air ditcher conversion kits make going from air to springs easy

Going from air to springs is easy with the air ditcher conversion from Unity. When you know that your air suspension is beginning to fail there is not a lot of time to waste. You are going to need the right replacement parts as soon as you can get them. This setup comes with a full compliment of components for either the front or rear. If you prefer, you can split the kit up according to your needs. Air ditcher kits can come with separate shock absorbers and springs or instead, be included together as part of a full assembly.

The biggest advantage going from air to traditional steel springs is the cost. When air bags fail or the compressor begins to fade it can be an expensive replacement. Unity’s kit is a way to bypass the expensive replacement. However, even if you are used to a more luxurious ride thanks to the air DOES NOT necessarily mean your next kit will be bumpy. The kit offers top-quality components that are intended to give you the same level of comfort you enjoyed with the previous suspension system. Sturdy steel springs, gas shock absorbers, expert welding, and a precise OEM fit are guaranteed by Unity so that your quality of driving does not miss a beat.

There are two options to achieve a new Unity spring suspension coming from an air system. The first is the full kit. This gives you the air to coil conversion with all of the parts unassembled such as the struts, springs, coils and hardware. The second type is the CSA setup. With this, you get the full assembly. You receive the strut, top mount, and coil spring ready for installation. If your model calls for a CSA air to spring conversion you will need to purchase each piece separately.

Changing over from air to steel is much easier than the reverse. It is much faster to convert to a steel spring suspension plus, it has a much higher success rate. It also requires less supportive components and also, no additional electricity. The Unity spring suspension is designed to make it easy for all drivers to switch over while saving time and money.

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