Different Mud Flap Materials Offer Different Benefits

UR Series Flaps

There are two types of Rally Armor material that the company uses: urethane and rubberized plastic. This meshes in line with three main choices that the company offers for their performance car mud flaps – UR series, Classic, and Basic. Each type showcases a different substance. Drivers choose based on several criteria. Where they reside, the type of driving that they do, look, and overall performance are the primary bulletpoints car owners take into consideration. Depending on the situation, the right composition can go a long way towards offering both elite protection and even a nice custom look.

The key with urethane mud flaps (UR series) is that they have a tinge of flexibility. The reason why flexibility is important is due in large part to mud and snow. Hard rubber flaps have a habit of getting stuck. If snow accumulates in back of the tires, it can cake up in front. Their rigidity works against them. That is not an issue with urethane mud flaps. They have just enough pliability to be able to slightly sway when backing out or pulling forward. Another element is temperature. In freezing conditions, urethane guards do not harden. In turn, they will not crack after long-term exposure to cold. A lot of drivers from the northeast go with urethane mud flaps because of this factor.

The Classic series is a bit of a departure. Rather than urethane, these are comprised of plastic. The plastic is harder, more rigid. But they are not a disadvantage in terms of protection. Just like old-school rubber mud flaps, the Classic series offers the same level of defense against rocks and debris. And they are nearly as resistant to extreme weather as the UR series custom splash guards. The only downfall is snow or a pile of wet leaves. Since the Classic custom splash guards are thicker and less flexible, leaves and snow can get caught up in back of the tires.

You will notice similar attributes with the Basics. RA basic mud flaps share a comparable material composition to the classic series but are thinner. And unlike both the classic and UR guards, they are not designed to provide a custom fit to any specific vehicle.

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