Different Floor Mats for Different Needs is the Husky Way

Husky floor mats come in a huge variety of styles

A lot of manufacturers tout the word protection. Well, of course they do. It’s how they get sales. But few brands really mean it when they say it. Luckily, Husky is one of them.

Husky liners offer a different type of protection inside your vehicle than generic mats can provide. That’s because Husky’s mats are manufactured specifically for the needs of the day-to-day motorist. Think about all of the action that takes place in your cabin. Getting in the car, getting out, stomping your feet, your right foot going from one pedal to the other… that’s a lot of wear-and-tear in and of itself. Now throw into the mix snow, sleet, rain, mud, sand, spilled drinks, and debris, and you can see how exposed your factory carpet really is. Husky floor liners take care of all these issues easily and arrange for a nice level of comfort in the process.

It all comes down to construction. Husky mats are made of the company’s own patented rubberized material that is not only resistant to spills and stains, but is repellent to automotive chemicals, as well. What’s more, each series Husky offers is made to reduce or eliminate moving cargo and storage. Have some boxes on the floor of the backseat? No big deal – these liners provide excellent grip to keep items from siding all over the place. A big part of the reason why is due to Husky’s patented “nibs” which fill up the bottom of their floor mats. These tiny little protrusions demonstrate excellent traction on the surface of your car’s floor, staying in place when it matters most.

Different motorists need floor liners for different reasons for different cars. Make sense? Husky makes floor mats for cars of all sizes, shapes, and requirements. The Classic Series covers all of the bases, demonstrating solid all-around defense with an old fashioned diamond tread footing surface and what Husky calls a tray-like design to keep spilled liquids from running all over. Interested in some all-weather security along with a touch of interior style? WeatherBeater liners are the answer, as these bad boys fortify your car floor against ice, slush, and dirt with an elegant motif that lifts the entire mood inside your vehicle.

For those who desire a softer, more comfortable setting, Husky X-ACT Contour floor mats prevent stains with an increased level of flexibility your feet will appreciate. And if reinforced protection is what you are after, Husky Heavy Duty floor liners are a great choice thanks their higher ridges meant to keep spills and other wreckage from leaving the perimeter of the mat. A higher heel pad is also included to enhance both comfort and durability.

Husky car mats are vehicle-specific for a precise, digitally-scanned factory worthy fit, so you won’t have to worry about them sliding up your doorsill or not displaying enough coverage. Plus, the quality isn’t just outstanding, it is unyielding – all Husky liners come with a Lifetime Guarantee against cracking or breaking.

UltraRev showcases a complete selection of Husky products because we know versatility is the most important attribute in floor mats car owners want. That means protection, reliability, comfort, and style rolled together in one impressive package. We’ve got what you’re looking for. When you’re on the hunt for Husky car liners UltraRev is the only name you need.

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