Did Somebody Say Fender Tubes? Smittybilt Has a Nice Option for Jeep Drivers

Jeep owners prefer XRC tube fenders for their tire clearance and off-road look. The two front tires on a Wrangler see a lot of action, whether on rocky terrain or traveling through the neighborhood. People notice the front of this vehicle perhaps more than any other in its class. With a pair of XRC tube fenders, your Jeep sports both a custom appearance and improved protection that sets it even further apart from the crowd.

For extra durability, XRC tube fenders are manufactured with a tubular shape. Using a tubular design, the front fenders conform to the body and tire-well with strict adherence. Smittybilt Jeep fenders also come equipped with inner liners, which are crucial for repelling dirt and debris from entering the engine bay. This is an important attribute for those who like to take their Jeep Wrangler off-roading, where pebbles and sediment can find a home in the vehicle. Smittybilt Jeep fenders are united with 3″ flares to provide further defense against the elements while adding a stylish accent.

Each set of Smittybilt Jeep fenders is crafted from 3/16″ cold-rolled steel for extra sturdiness and rust resistance. The textured surface adds to their resilience. Featuring a dual-stage black powder coat, Smittybilt Jeep fenders showcase a sleek look that also protects.

Like some off-road accessories, in order to install Jeep front tube fenders you may have to slightly modify the OEM location. Full step-by-step installation instructions are included with the part to walk you through it. Smittybilt Jeep front tube fenders come with all of the stainless steel hardware you need and you can likely perform the install with a few tools you have laying around the garage.

If you are in the process of dressing up your vehicle and are looking for authentic OEM-quality Jeep parts, Smittybilt can be trusted. Smittybilt has been in business for over 50 years providing Jeep owners with aftermarket options that deliver protection, style, and value. Their line of Jeep front tube fenders is guaranteed to fit each Wrangler with the same level of accuracy expected from the OE manufacturer.

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