Deciding on Floor Mat Colors Is a Matter of Taste

Floor liner colors are a matter of taste

Drivers choosing between different floor mat colors often wonder which shade goes best with their vehicle. The reason why is because Husky liners are available in black, tan, and grey, and those happen to be three floor mat colors that match almost every car’s interior. It can be difficult to choose when you aren’t sure which ones will look the best. Look, a vehicle isn’t always about a fashion show, but having things match up nicely inside is always nice.

One method people use for selecting colors is by trying to match it with their type of vehicle. Many times, drivers will choose black floor liners if they own a pickup truck or luxury car. A lot of truck owners feel that black is a good way to keep a tough or mean image inside their ride. Luxury car owners like black Husky liners because they are afraid to go with bright color mats that when dirty, will be very easy to notice.

Cars that are red, white, or green are usually given tan floor liners. While floor mats lead to a somewhat subjective topic area. Many within the auto industry feel that inserts produce a nice contrast to those vehicle shades. This is why when you see a candy-apple red Corvette or a diamond white Mercedes you will notice it has tan or light tan mats, even if the interior is a darker color.

Believe it or not, grey is a very popular. That is because grey is thought of as neutral. As for the vehicle colors grey liners are most prevalent for, the easiest answer would be all of them. But the most common are blue, dark blue, maroon, and silver. The secret is due to the fact automakers frequently provide grey mats as the stock shade in these color vehicles.

As you can tell, there is no right answer for what colors are perfect for your car or truck. It is a matter of taste and what you think looks best. You can always research it for yourself by browsing the exact Husky liner colors available for your vehicle. It might not seem important, but choosing the right mat colors is a big step in making your vehicle as personalized and appealing as can be.

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