Custom steel Subaru exhaust tips from Perrin Performance add exterior style

Serious drivers install 4” Subaru exhaust tips for a couple of reasons. The main advantage is their appearance. Unlike the narrow OEM opening, 4” Subaru exhaust tips are very wide, promoting a custom look that is much different. Fellow Impreza or FR-S owners will easily take notice of this custom addition. If you are someone who enjoys displaying their ride at local auto shows locking on a 4” Subaru exhaust tip can be an excellent finishing touch.

Another benefit you gain is the price. Instead of installing a full aftermarket exhaust you can take a shortcut to get the look you are after. It is a shortcut. With a Perrin 4” exhaust tip your car will seem as if it is outfitted with a customized racing system even though you have only installed one part. You save time and money. Plus, you do not have to be concerned about excess noise. Perrin 4” exhaust tips are for appearance purposes only. They do not enact a louder sound or rattle while the car is in motion. Most automotive enthusiasts simply use a Perrin 4” exhaust tip as a secret weapon to enhance the presence of their car’s exterior.

A big role in this upgrade is the material. Perrin 4” exhaust tips are comprised of T-304 stainless steel. Many automotive parts come from this type of steel due to its ability to stave off corrosion and rust. It also helps with overall construction. These Perrin custom exhaust tips are double walled. With the extra thickness, there is less chance of physical damage to the part due to contact. It bolsters the look, as well. Perrin custom exhaust tips boast a more substantial visual over the factory tip.

The final compliment of style is the shape. Each Perrin custom exhaust tip is “slash cut”, or cut at an angle. This is yet another departure from the stock pipe. To top it all off is the branding. Perrin Performance laser etches their logo on every steel exhaust tip in order for your car to receive even more attention.

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