Cushiony, Reliable Comfort Sport Dampers Offer Quality That Sets the Tone

TEIN Comfort Sport dampers are similar to the Euro Sport dampers since they improve performance while also maintaining ride quality. However, these dampers are not only limited to European vehicles. The TEIN Comfort Sport dampers work with any vehicle that needs additional handling performance without any sacrifice in ride comfort.

The TEIN Comfort Sport dampers are an ideal addition to a vehicle that has larger wheels and tires. TEIN suspension engineers developed the perfect balance between comfort and sport when creating these automotive dampers and they designed them to work properly with vehicles that have larger wheels and tires. Not many suspension components are designed with that in mind. These dampers have the 16 way adjustability along with the ability to change the ride height. They use the Micro Speed Valve (MSV) technology to improve handling and ride quality as well.

What makes the TEIN Comfort Sport dampers unique is that they also feature a special fluorocarbon coating that protects them against corrosion. TEIN suspensions are some of the most durable in the business, but they have improved upon durability even more with this particular model. Like all TEIN automotive dampers, they are built in Japan using durable materials. The Comfort Sport dampers also utilize a steel mono-tube internal design which further improves durability.

The TEIN Comfort Sport dampers are a higher end suspension component due to the special engineering. The unique anti-corrosion coating and the adjustability make these dampers a premium product. They are ideal for customers with larger wheels and tires on their car since they were engineered specifically for it. These automotive dampers offer the best of both worlds when put on a vehicle. TEIN also offers many other suspension components that can fit into any budget.

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