CSF Radiator’s Warranty

A huge selling point for any aftermarket auto part is the warranty that is supplied. CSF Radiators include one of the best warranties in the industry for their products. CSF takes pride in their auto parts and offers every customer a quality warranty so if anything should go wrong, CSF will take care of it. CSF will not leave you out to dry if your heat exchanger develops a problem associated with the design.

The CSF warranty is only applicable to the original owner and cannot be transferred. Keeping the original receipt as proof of purchase is the only way to ensure that your warranty is safe. As long as you take care of their product, the warranty will always remain intact, unless you abuse it.

When you send your part back to CSF, the company will inspect it and decide whether it will be covered or not. There are a few things that will void the warranty like misuse, improper installation, and any repairs or alterations to the product itself. Also, damages during shipping are not covered by CSF; rather the shipping company and a claim should be filed. CSF has great customer service that can handle any questions or concerns when you receive the item.

If there is a problem with the fit of your product, than a quick phone call to CSF should be made so you can sort things out. They do offer multi-fit parts that fit a few applications and sometimes look a bit different from the original. CSF radiators will last forever if they are installed and used properly. It is always the owner’s responsibility to maintain the cooling system so the product can perform at its best.

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