Crosstrek Mud Flaps Offer the Protection You Need

The reason why Crosstrek mud flaps make a big difference is because they were designed for your CUV. Their size and shape is intended to fit precisely and block extraneous debris from reaching the inside of the wheel wells. Rally Armor developed their line of Crosstrek mud flaps based on measurement as well as the profile of the vehicle. Since many XV drivers use their sled for off-road activities, the amount of coverage is increased. Once bolted in place, Crosstrek mud flaps deflect mud, rocks, pebbles, and gravel regardless of terrain.

Weather is often an issue, especially on trails. Without Crosstrek splash guards, a common outcome is dirty fenders and muddy wheels. When roadside elements are wet they are capable of doing more damage. That is one area where Crosstrek splash guards are even more valuable. Their main job is to shield the area from being inundated with muck. Once mud dries on metal, it can be difficult to clean off. There is no more arduous scraping-off process. If Crosstrek splash guards get dirty, all it takes is simply rinsing them off. But that is not the only factor that makes these flaps ideal for inclement weather. A big part of that is due to the material Crosstrek splash guards are made of.

Instead of rubberized plastic, Rally Armor uses urethane. What makes urethane such an effective material for Subaru XV splash guards is its versatility. For one thing, it is flexible. Drivers like flexibility because it means that their rear Rally Armor XV mud flaps will not get stuck coming off of curbs. But just as important is its ability to maintain proper texture during dynamic temperature changes. If the thermometer dips below freezing, you will not have to worry about Rally Armor XV mud flaps becoming rigid or curling at the corners. They will maintain the same level of pliability whether it is winter or summer.

In terms of fitment, the main item to take into account is width. Rally Armor XV mud flaps are wider than the OEM but are not cumbersome. There is no interference with the panels nor are there clearance issues. Due to the custom design, installation is a breeze. You will be using the OEM holes to screw in the custom XV mud guards.

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