Cooling Fans Are SPAL’s Speciality

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SPAL Automotive is an OEM and aftermarket performance company that provides cooling fans, centrifugal blowers and other accessories for all types of vehicles, motorcycles and ATVs. SPAL cooling fans are recognized as the best in the industry and are available for factory and custom applications, depending on what you are looking for. Other accessories include everything from power door lock kits and shaved door kits to power window setups and relay harnesses. In other words, yes, it’s not all about fans. If you’re in the performance game, you might know only know of SPAL due to fans, but this Italian mega-brand is recognized for way, way more than that.

But since we’re on the subject, let’s talk about the idea of being “cool.” For many drivers, maintaining a moderate temp is seen as an essential part of the way a performance engine operates, whether it is a motorcycle, a car, truck, boat…you get the idea.  Or truck engine. The job of any engine or radiator fan is obvious: maintain a conducive operational temperature. “Cooling” is often the buzz word, but it’s not so much about being cool as it is being “cooler”, because in an engine bay, nothing is really that cool to begin with. And as we can all (probably) agree on, stock fans don’t really offer a ton of effectiveness, do they?

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That is what we are getting at with SPAL. The difference is that these cooling fans consist of extreme performance, high performance, medium profile, low profile, and motorcycle cooling fans. In other words, they have different sizes and efficiencies that are measured according to each specific situation. A good way to look at it is in the automotive sense. They are all based on the amount of horsepower that your vehicle has and some are not designed for the street. It is proper to select the right cooling fan or else your engine will not run properly. SPAL engineers their fans in cooling fans as OEM replacements if your stock fan has become ineffective or has incurred damage from everyday driving.

Just know what you are using it for. SPAL cooling fans come in different sizes according to your application. It is suggested that you go with the biggest size that fits your vehicle so it can do the best job for your engine or radiator. Too small and the engine will overheat, causing some major repairs. Too big and it won’t fit, even if you get super creative with mounting points. The key is to go as big as you can without it being a problem.

There are low and medium profile cooling fans you can take advantage of when it comes to the limited space in your engine bay. There is no need to chop up your current cooling fan just to make it fit. SPAL has options that include have a thinner profile but still provide the same amount of temp- management for those who are concerned. They are also great for custom vehicles and engine swaps.

So who uses SPAL?  Drivers who either show (or race) hot rods and street classics make up a significant percentage of buyers in most cases. But they are not the majority. No, that distinction belongs to everyday performance car owners. Part of that has to do with the whole new era of custom interest. Nowadays, more drivers are putting more accessories on and in their rides. So when they go ahead an upgrade all these engine parts and begin to experience overheating, what do you think is their first measure of defense? A fan, of course. In many circles, that’s how it all goes down. A driver puts in a new turbo, new downpipe, and realizes that he/she can really burn it up. But the problem is that the engine bay is not designed for all of these custom additions, hence the overheating that takes place. The gist is this: if you’re going to go big on a bunch of performance parts, plan on putting in a fan or two, as well.

Other SPAL Accessories

SPAL centrifugal blowers are available in single wheel and double wheel to accommodate your application. This type of cooling device is a bit different from SPAL cooling fans, but it still cools your engine just as good. SPAL automotive uses only the best materials to create their centrifugal blowers and will outlast other blowers.

Power door lock kits from SPAL automotive are for those vehicles that have manual door locks and the owner is sick of manually unlocking each door. These kits include everything that is needed to make the job easy and can be had in either 2-door or 4-doors locking kit. Once you know what it is like to have power door locks, you will never have another car with manual door locks.

The ultimate addition to your hot rod would be a shaved door handle kit. This kit completely replaces your door handle and uses an actuator to pop the door open so you never have to touch it. SPAL automotive shaved door kits are universal and can be used by anyone. This would make your classic look very clean and could net you some wins at the car show.

Manual windows are no fun either. SPAL offers a power window kit that coverts your manual windows to power. Not all vehicles come with power windows, although it is more common today. Older vehicles that have manual windows should look into this kit as it is very easy to install with all required hardware. Being spoiled with power windows is so much better than cranking the window up and down, especially in rain storms.

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