Cool Exhaust Flow Using a GrimmSpeed Ceramic Up Pipe

Putting in a ceramic up pipe increases performance in ways other upgrades cannot. The first key is increasing the amount of exhaust flow. Exhaust becomes restrictive inside the system, with density of the gas constantly changing. A Grimmspeed turbo up pipe opens up airflow so that your turbo and engine can operate more efficiently. It is an important process that is the cornerstone to any racing model, on the track or the street. Ceramic up pipes can be had with or without an external wastegate, depending on your needs. An external wastegate diverts gases before they hit the turbo, resulting in less back pressure. Ceramic up pipes are available for Subaru WRX, STI, LGT, and FXT models.

When it comes to racing exhaust parts, it helps to know how they are constructed. Grimmspeed turbo up pipes can be ordered with a ceramic coating for specific reasons. Radiant heat, in relationship to a turbocharged engine, contributes to continuous sup-par performance. This type of heat not only reduces density of exhaust, but it can also be detrimental to the overall health of exhaust components. With ceramic expertly coated on, Grimmspeed turbo up pipes contain the heat inside the tubing so that exhaust gases can travel faster. This encourages both more horsepower and faster turbo response. The benefits of a Grimmspeed turbo up pipe are evident soon after installation.

Underneath the coating is prime 304 stainless steel. Subaru up pipes are mandrel bent and welded for optimal flow. The inlet features a 1.85” diameter before tapering to 1.72”. The tubing diameter inside Subaru up pipes is measured at 2mm and is bolstered by the triple layer flex joint. What makes this flex joint different is that it does not subtract from the structural integrity of the overall part. GrimmSpeed positions the joint away from the bend on their Subaru up pipes to cut down on rattling.

Results can vary per model. If you were to conduct a ceramic exhaust pipe review, horsepower stats would likely be different for every driver you ask. Without the aid of any other pipes or components, you can expect approximately 7-15 extra HP. However, as a supplemental part with a complete exhaust system that number can be much higher.

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