Cool, Clean Ceramic Pads Give Your Brakes a Breather

The best set of brake pads for high performance driving is ceramic brake pads. EBC ceramic brake pads offer great braking performance, wear well over time and are extremely lightweight. All of these qualities are what high performance vehicle owners are looking for. A downside to them is their cost and are the most expensive offered from EBC brakes.

Ceramic brake pads are made from ceramic fibers, filler material, bonding agents and sometimes copper fibers. The ceramic compound dissipates heat well while still allowing the brakes to perform at their best. They bounce back every time after repeated hard stops. EBC redstuff pads are full ceramic and perfect for high performance racing.

The EBC ceramic pads also do not break down after repeated use like organic brake pads. They produce less dust than others and the dust is easily cleaned off the wheels. Due to their price, these EBC brake pads aren’t for every vehicle. Choosing the right brakes for your vehicle is ideal if you want to maintain or increase the vehicles braking power.

Most sports cars are driven hard both on the street and on the track. These vehicles can greatly benefit from the ceramic compound. Other vehicles perform just fine with different compounds and the necessary cost isn’t needed for extra performance. Ceramic pads will not work better on the average vehicle, as they like to see increased temperatures and perform better when under constant stress. They will also put some increased wear on your rotors due to how hard the pad is.

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