Convert to Power Windows Without Overspending

Converting crank windows to Spal power windows is doable for just about any vehicle. In years past, if a car came without automatic windows it was usually a lost cause. Conducting a power window conversion was extremely costly and an arduous process. Times have changed and this customization has become commonplace for vintage automobiles and hot rods alike. Thanks to a user-friendly kit, changing over to Spal power windows is easier than ever.

There are several benefits why drivers are interested in this customization. A key demographic is often older cars intended for residential use. Many times, people who own antiquated vehicles install Spal power windows because of utility. They still use their car or truck often and want the added convenience. However, show cars meant for demonstration are outfitted with them, as well. Car enthusiasts will typically purchase a Spal window kit and install it on models such as a 1969 Firebird to show off the contrast between technology and the vintage look of the body.

The way a Spal window kit works involves using the factory door crankshaft along with several other components. You will likely need all of the included parts to complete a successful installation. Each Spal window kit comes with gear adapters, transmission assemblies, crank mechanisms, and other hardware. Even though this is a universal upgrade for virtually all vehicles, using the gears in the right place is most crucial. Spal window kits are intended to mate with OEM gears, which is why the gear adaptors come in different sizes. The cables of the crank gear mechanism allow you to bracket the part at different angles.

The second step of the power window conversion is placing the wiring. Your Spal wiring kit has a loom with three wires: Red, Grey, and Brown. Red is the power wire set for 25 amp fusing and it comes with the kit. It takes two wires to power a motor. Once the wiring is complete it is matter of mating to your custom switches. If you have experience with automotive electronics, then a power window conversion is fairly simple. If not, most shops can handle it with a fast turnaround time. Many are familiar with aftermarket power window installs using Spal parts.

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