Control Your Turns Easier with a Perrin Sway Bar

Drivers in need of improved handling use a Perrin front sway bar to do the job. Your stock tube is light and narrow. It was not meant for high performance. A Perrin front sway bar is just the opposite. Manufactured to accommodate tight turns on the track or road course, it is thicker and more rigid. You will be able to maintain lap speed coming off of banks or through sweeping turns with more conviction. For drivers who simply cruise the streets, a Perrin front sway bar can offer a greater sense of balance in residential areas.

You can customize based on your needs. Once installed, the Impreza sway bar immediately offers 50% more stiffness over an OEM bar. But if you require a higher level of rigidity you can change it up. This is an adjustable anti-roll bar which hosts several mounting holes. All it requires is setting the mounting points using the end-links. An Impreza sway bar has the capability of demonstrating over 200% more tightness than the factory setup.

There are two separate sizes to choose from. Impreza sway bars come in either 22mm or 25mm. Motorists interested in a more comfortable ride may find the 22mm offering suitable for their driving habits. However, competitive racers usually prefer the 25mm Impreza sway bar due to its pronounced strength. If you were to catch a glimpse of a track-ready Subaru, chances are that is the bar size you would see.

Each Perrin strut bar is crafted from 4130 chromoly steel for extra durability during stress. It is then cut and welded at the ends. The benefit to welding the Perrin strut bar over pressing it is that welds will not chip or fracture. Once the part is mounted, it will not betray its position. Perrin strut bars also have special centering rings that eliminate shifting during active turns and sharp corners. This feature is intended to increase response time in preparation for any proceeding turns or angles.

Before being shipped out, WRX stability bars are given a red powder coat designed to prevent corrosive wear. It delivers a nice, custom look, as well.

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