Cold Air Intakes from Weapon-R Deliver Quality You Can Depend On

Upgrading to a cold air intake from Weapon R is a great way to add all sorts of things like power, sound and airflow. The factory intake does not provide enough of any of these qualities that exist from Weapon R. The factory one is very restrictive which decrease overall engine performance and it can also play a part in how long it lasts. When you open up the flow to the engine, it can breathe better which relates in a longer life.

There are several different types of cold air intakes that Weapon R designs which will all improve your air flow. They are engineered to fit exactly where your current one is and require no modifications to be installed. With every cold air intake, the sound will be increased when you step on the gas pedal creating a deep sound. This sound relates to power and your engine will be able to perform much better immediately after installing the Weapon R intake.

Colorful for the eyes, Weapon R makes their air intake systems very appealing so they can stand out under the hood of any car. These designs are what sets them apart from other intake systems and users can select from several different colors like red, blue, black and yellow.

Weapon R increases airflow of up to 80% by utilizing a unique setup and an excellent foam filter that keeps harmful contaminants from damaging the inside of your engine. Factory air filters actually restrict the flow of air since they build up with debris so quickly. Weapon R has managed to steer clear of this issue and be better off for your engine.

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