Circuit Pro Coilover Systems Offer a Firmer Grip

This is the ultimate coilover kit that Ksport has to offer and engineers them using the latest technology that is designed for users that want only the best suspension for their car. Ksport uses high quality materials which provide performance and durability for an extremely long time. These adjustable coilovers are perfect for all types of driving and can be tuned specifically for each style like circuit, street and drifting.

The Ksport circuit pro coilovers provides separate adjustments for the entire kit and not just height or dampening. Ksport engineers them with remote reservoirs that house nitrogen and gas, which in return allows the user to control the pressure of these two gases. There are actually over 860 different settings provided by these Ksport coilover which is much more than any other coilover on the market. They can also dissipate heat much better as well due to the placement of the remote reservoir that has an added oil capacity.

To make sure these coilovers perform at their best, Ksport tests each shock and each coil spring for durability and performance. Once you receive them, all you need to do is set-up the kit to your liking and can go from street driving immediately to the track for top-notch performance.

External components that Ksport provides with the circuit pro coilover system gives the user many ways of adjusting them like rubber upper mounts, pillowball mounts and advanced pillowball mounts. There is pretty much nothing you cannot do with this Ksport kit which is why it is their top-of-the-line coilover kit.

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