Chrome Door Handles Dress Up the Outside Nicely

Get your hands on a luxury car look that instantly raises your ride’s appearance with Pilot Chrome Door Handle Covers. No matter what type of vehicle you roll around in, Chrome Door Handles add a splash of classy radiance everyone takes notice of. They are a quick and easy replacement of your stock handles that do not require you to pour out the contents of your wallet for. Pilot Automotive Chrome Door Handle Covers come with and without keyholes as well as different styles and sizes, so they are available for most makes/models. Simply click on theShop Now link to find the set of Chrome Door Handle Covers that matches your vehicle and you’re all set. Plus, installation is a breeze. Pilot Chrome Car Door Handle covers are backed with peel-and-stick automotive adhesive tape for a super-fast install. No cutting, drilling, or bolting.

You can also feel confident in the quality. Pilot Automotive Chrome Car Door Handles are made from ultra-durable ABS plastic and are rust/corrosion resistant. The triple-chrome plated finish stays shiny throughout rain, snow, and whatever else the weather throws your way. Don’t worry about them staying on, either, as the automotive-grade tape guarantees they will stand up to the toughest elements for a long-lasting fit. Chrome door handle covers are a fantastic way to match your vehicle’s existing exterior chrome trim or to inject your own touch of gleaming style. They are also specifically designed for your OEM door handles so you don’t have to be concerned about a factory-like fit. Pilot Chrome Car Door Handles are sold in sets and supported by a 90-day warranty.

People spot glimmering chrome immediately and UltraRev is here to help you capture the look. Our selection of Pilot Chrome Car Door Handles has you covered with sets for most cars, trucks, and SUVs on the road. If you want to give your sled a classier, more luxurious presence this is one upgrade you shouldn’t turn your back on!

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