Chrome Bumpers Make Exterior Styling Simple

It doesn’t matter if we are discussing light pickups or heavy-duty monsters, trucks of any size don’t betray a whole lot of vulnerability. After all, that’s the point, isn’t it? To be able to deliver and take a beating, to have the strength to haul, the endurance and torque to tackle different types of terrain. It’s why people buy trucks in the first place. However, if we were to pin-point one area of perceived defenselessness, it would be the lower front-end. That’s because it’s the one place constantly exposed to the surface you’re driving on whether it’s gravel, kick-up, dirt, rocks, mud or whatever else you encounter. Your factory bumper gets beat up regularly. And eventually, all the little dings and nicks can become a bother.

Pilot Automotive is here to the rescue with Bully Performance Bumper Fillers. These Chrome Bumpers not only immediately upgrade the level of protection for the front of your truck, but they also take your truck’s appearance to new heights. Bully Performance Bumper Fillers unleash true Pilot-brand quality. Crafted from chrome-plated ABS plastic, Chrome Bumpers are as tough as they are beautiful. There are different styles of Bully Performance Bumper Fillers for you to choose from, including versions with fog light cut-outs. They are also manufactured specifically to your truck and are a direct OEM replacement. Performance Chrome Bumper fillers are shipped to your door with step-by-step instructions and all necessary hardware, but a professional installation is highly recommended if cutting and/or drilling is required for your truck.

The front-end of your truck is an important place to take good care of. It’s what sees the most action. Regardless of your style preference, every truck looks good in chrome and adding an improved piece of security along with a gleaming, eye-catching appearance is always a great idea. UltraRev has you covered with the highest quality options available!

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