Check Out What Summit Ridge Sidesteps Can Do for Your Hauler

Going with Summit Ridge sidesteps brings up both the appearance and function of your truck. They add a custom presence that delivers a nice compliment to the factory package. What separates Summit Ridge sidesteps from other similar products is their versatility. Known for being lightweight, your truck is spared from cumbersome pieces of metal adorning the sides. Also, Summit Ridge sidesteps demonstrate excellent strength. Whether you are loading in cargo or need to access the roof rack, you will not have to be concerned about the amount of weight being rested on them.

When it comes to truck nerf bars, one of the biggest questions is about grip. What the surface is made of. Summit Ridge running boards have raised rectangular-shaped grips that protrude out. Whether you are wearing work boots or sandals, you will not lose your footing. Another feature Summit Ridge running boards offer is protection against the weather. That is because Lund gives each set a powdercoat finish. This helps stave off beads of moisture, mud, dirt, and snow. Should your Summit Ridge running boards become dirty they are rinsed off quickly and easily. You can even choose the color. Chrome and black are both available for Summit Ridge running boards.

Like most exterior truck parts, what the product is made of is as critical as its features. Lund nerf steps are crafted from heavy duty aluminum sheets and then pressed into shape. The aluminum presents a couple of benefits. First and foremost, it is durable. Incidental contact with tools, equipment, and machinery can happen with work trucks. The Lund nerf steps are tough enough to endure (some) impact and can also hold up a substantial amount of weight. Secondly, aluminum is light. This can make a difference while the truck is in motion. Riding around with heavy, clunky step rails can bring down fuel mileage and become a distraction.

You do not need to cut into the body or drill. Installation involves using the included mounting components. You can use the OEM holes and mount the Lund nerf steps right in.

There are two main sizes available – 80” and 87”. However, in most cases the custom side steps are manufactured for specific makes and models.

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