Check Out the EX50 Wastegate for that Added Punch You’re Looking For

EX50 Wastegate

The goal of the EX50 wastegate is to manage boost pressure in a turbocharged setup. Although the OEM may include an internal device to help control boost, it is not designed for aftermarket exhausts. Throwing in higher-flowing pipes creates more boost and the stock device is not designed to accommodate it. This can lead to lag and worse, catastrophic failure. The EX50 wastegate limits the exhaust that passes through the turbocharger. In turn, your system will open up freer, keeping an adequate level of pressure thanks to the higher flowing unit. If you have modified your turbo exhaust configuration, this is one part that is an important ingredient in keeping your car healthy.

Understanding its function is critical. If you have set up your exhaust for maximum HP, a Go Fast Bits wastegate is better able to monitor boost. Even when an OEM version is present, it is not meant for extra volume. You want larger ports and stronger springs to better manage the increased pressure. The manufacturer was not up for that upon assembly, take our word for it. The actuator diaphragm is also significantly wider. Once again, bigger size means more airflow capacity. The GFB answer allows for more flow while curbing exhaust gases at the appropriate intervals. Performance becomes more consistent and internal engine parts are better protected.

There are three main pieces in the device: An inlet port, outlet port, and a pressure actuator. What sets the Go Fast Bits option apart from others is its composition. Its valve body is comprised of stainless steel and the housing uses aluminum. The reason GFB employs these materials is for durability. The wastegate will not succumb to overwhelming heat in the engine bay. This is most often an issue in high performing cars. Because their exhaust systems are creating more boost, more heat is emitted. It is also able to function at an optimal level regardless of manifold temps, even during competitive circumstances.

Drivers have choices to make fit and function easier. Wastegates include 3 springs for different PSI levels. You can customize your setup any way you want. The Vband clamps make installation easy. This is also aided by the overall design of the part. Thanks to its compact size, there is plenty of clearance in tight engine bays, as well.

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