Check Out SPEC Clutch for a Nifty Performance Upgrade

Every manual transmission vehicle operates through the clutch & flywheel. This automotive drivetrain setup is designed to allow the engine to start, run and accelerate. Spec clutch kits improve on the factory parts by enhancing acceleration and providing durability. The factory automotive clutch is not designed to handle higher amounts of power from the engine. Spec clutches can handle the added torque from installing upgraded performance auto parts. Without a properly running drivetrain, the vehicle wouldn’t go anywhere. The clutch and flywheel are an essential part and should be properly maintained.

There are a few options when upgrading to a Spec clutch. They offer products for specific types of driving and engine horsepower. Daily driven vehicles would need a mild upgrade, and high performance vehicles would benefit from the Spec racing clutch. This clutch is designed for extreme temperatures and provides durability. The Spec performance clutch improves on the factory one with their quality design and materials. The carbon-made clutch discs can handle nearly any abuse and will still provide the driver with quality shifts.

For daily driven street vehicles and everyday commuters, the Spec stage 1 clutch is perfect. It provides great improvement over the factory one. It will last much longer and provide the driver with smoother shifts. Drivetrain parts must be maintained and used properly in order to prevent failures. The driver must shift through every gear with precision. Once the factory clutch fails, upgrade to a Spec performance clutch. Your engine and transmission will both love you after it is installed.

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