Check Out EBC Redstuff Pads for High HP Rides

The number one selling brake pad since the late 90s has been the EBC Greenstuff. The EBC Greenstuff pads have three ranges for specific applications. The EBC 2000 series is designed for sport compact vehicles and hot hatches. The EBC 6000 series is made for entry level trucks and SUV upgrades. The Greenstuff 7000 series is a low dust brake pad for trucks and SUV brakes. The EBC sport pad has sold over 3 million sets since they first appeared on the market.

The 2000 series is great for vehicles that have horsepower up to 200. They are made from an organic material with softer compounds to improve pedal feel on lighter vehicles. EBC green stuff has medium brake dust with increased life and minimal rotor wear. The 2000 series also offer a 15% increase in braking distance compared to OEM brake pads.

The 6000 series is a great OEM replacement pad and delivers nearly 15% improved braking power. This brake pad is not long lasting though. When used on light trucks and SUVs, they last just as long as OEM brake pads, but with minimal dust and better braking power. Low dust brake pads are popular among those who like to keep their wheels clean without everyday maintenance.

The 7000 series from EBC green stuff is a harder pad than the 6000 series that is designed to reduce dust and last longer. These pads are geared towards heavy duty trucks and SUVs. EBC greenstuff pads are all ECE 90 approved for highway use and should all be properly bedded-in.

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