Chasing the Weapon R Dragon Intake

Upgrading your current factory air intake with one from Weapon R will give your engine more air flow resulting in better engine efficiency and more power. The Weapon R dragon intakes made from 6061 aluminum which makes it very strong and resistant to any damage. Weapon R also includes their performance air filter which helps prevent harmful contaminants from entering the engine.

This intake system from Weapon R is extremely affordable for what it adds to your engine. The factory one is very restrictive and does not protect your engine as well as the one from Weapon R does. It also adds some styling that you will never have using factory parts. Weapon R dragon intake shines bright in the engine bay and is vehicle specific for every application. For just a small price, Weapon R improves fuel mileage and also adds some engine sound which most tuners like.

This part from Weapon R is also tuned to each engine so when you receive it, you will experience the benefits immediately and there will be no error codes or any problems after you have installed it. It also includes a velocity stack which is a system for getting the most air into the engine while driving. The added air is what relates to more horsepower for the engine.

The filter is encased by the cage that is included with each system and protects the filter from flying debris and objects. Once dirty, you can remove the cage, clean the filter and re-install it for maximum performance and protection. Weapon R also hand welds the item so no power is lost and the air is direct into the engine.

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