Change Gears Like a Pro With a Ralco RZ Short Shift Kit Made Just for Your Ride

High performance vehicles need to change gears rather quickly. A Ralco RZ short shifter improves on the factory shifter by providing a shorter throw. These shifters completely replace the factory one and make for a direct fitment. They are created using aluminum billet material to make for a precise part. Ralco RZ has an extensive line of short shifters that will accommodate any vehicle. Specific fitment is made for each vehicle.

Shifting through gears in a manual transmission can provide trouble for anyone looking for speed. Going from first to second and second to third is shortened when using the Ralco RZ short shifter. The distance from each gear is reduced to make for quicker shifts or throws. This is an advantage for those drivers who have the need for speed. Quicker acceleration and deceleration is found when using their shifters.

The great thing about their performance short shifters is they include a shift knob as well. This shift knob works with all of their kits and looks great. It is created from chrome and will brighten the interior of any car. The weight of it will make for easier shifts as well. The lighter factory shift knob needs some pressure to put it into each gear. With the weighted knob, shifting will become effortless.

If you like the stock shift knob, RalcoRZ performance shifters will accept any factory knob. They are also a direct replacement for the factory shifter. This makes installation very easy. Their products include bushings as well which tightens up the shifter. Less movement is felt when using upgraded base bushings. Other products on the market will not accept the factory shift knob. They are only intended to work with their parts.

Some users tend to believe a short shift kit will put wear and tear on the transmission. This is not true. The sole purpose of any of these products is to shorten the throw from one great to the next. It has no effect on the vehicle’s transmission. It also sits lower than the factory. This gives the driver that sporty and race care feel. RalcoRZ performance shifts add fun to driving the car. Shifting is made smooth with their kits.

The factory shifter can be notchy and sloppy. The short shift kit will clean up the negative effects from the factory one. Crisper shifts are noticed and the driver can worry about concentrating on the road rather than worrying if the car is going into the next gear or not. Smoother engagement will put less wear on the synchros. Anyone can benefit from RalcoRZ performance shifters.

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