Catch What C-Tek Brake Rotors Have in Store For Your Ride

Numerous attributes make c-tek brake rotors a primary choice for many drivers. Car owners looking for dependable design and sturdy materials will not be disappointed. But that is only part of the package. The other part is that c-tek brake rotors present an affordable alternative to dealership discs. The OEM builds according to the vehicle, not your driving habits. And then they charge you more for replacement parts that do not hold up. C-tek brake rotors are intended to take more abuse without sacrificing friction quality. Because of this, your disc brake system will last longer, saving you both time and money.

The center split casings tell a lot of the story. This is where the vanes in the centric standard rotors reside. It is also where heat passes through. Proper heat dissipation is imperative for balance. Centric standard rotors are designed with friction plates that evenly transfer heat from one side to the other. The vanes do not taper in thickness, promoting a more balanced distribution of warmth. If one side of an aftermarket OEM rotor becomes hotter than the other, multiple brake parts will suffer. The friction plate will thin out. Your brake pads will wear. Centric standard rotors have a uniform vane design to prevent any accelerated wear due to heat displacement.

Another aspect to balance comes from the finish. The first part to this process comes from the wheel-grinding. Two large wheels are placed on both sides of a Centric standard rotor to “buff” the surface. Double grinding removes any imperfections or inconsistency in thickness. The second piece of the puzzle involves machining the hats. Not all aftermarket OEM rotors are subjected to this procedure. The machines are tasked with further reducing surface blemishes and smoothing out the disc. This is most noticeable on the hats, where debris from iron can alter an aftermarket OEM rotor’s equilibrium.

Performance is the most important factor. C tek rotors demonstrate a reliably level surface area for the pads to make contact with. Centric put a high concentration on the material to aid in endurance, as well. All Centric replacement rotors are made of G3000 iron for extra durability.

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