Carbon Fiber Driveshafts Bring the Upgraded Style and Feel You Love

For the ultimate strength and reliability, The Driveshaft Shop carbon fiber driveshaft combines both to handle your extreme amounts of torque produced by the engine. Carbon fiber driveshafts are lighter and stronger due to how they are designed, and since carbon fiber in itself is lightweight. They are all vehicle specific and designed to transfer that power to your wheels so you can take off from the line.

If weight is a concern, than you will want to replace your current automotive driveshaft with a lightweight driveshaft that is made from carbon fiber. It is typically a few pounds lighter than an aluminum driveshaft while still being very strong and capable of handling extreme power. The Driveshaft Shop driveshafts can handle the added power that an OEM driveshaft cannot.

These replacement driveshafts are also less noisy inside the cabin than an aluminum driveshaft, which can appeal to some users. A loud driveshaft can sound like a dump truck when cruising down the road, but it is only an issue if you drive your high performance vehicle on the street under normal conditions. Those owners that only use the vehicle for weekend races or at the drag strip do not have to worry about this at all.

The Driveshaft Shop driveshafts also look very appealing underneath the car. The carbon fiber weave is a masterpiece and really stands out. The Driveshaft Shop ensures that all of their products leave the warehouse with the exact specifications it is designed for. They also balance every performance driveshaft to reduce any unnecessary vibrations.

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