Calm In the Back – Rear Struts by Unity

Unity rear strut assembly

Choosing the correct rear strut assembly for your vehicle comes down to certain factors. There are several aspects to take into account, such as the fitment, quality of components, and results. That’s where Unity comes in. In case you don’t know or have been living under a rock, Unity makes rear strut assemblies for many vehicles that provide the same OEM benefits you are used to along with higher quality material. Each application is designed to be safer and more effective than purchasing suspension parts individually. Unity outfits every assembly with durable, detailed pieces intended to keep your vehicle rolling smoothly and quietly.

Before doing an automotive suspension replacement, you should first diagnose the symptoms. If you notice a lot of rocking, inconsistency turning when on the brake, and perhaps, more external noise, you may require replacement. Once the OEM struts begin to fail it can seem as if every groove in the road causes your vehicle to bounce. Going over speed bumps can even seem daunting. Unity struts are good for a high amount of cushioning thanks to the genuine steel springs. Smoothness is greatly increased, allowing you to drive without trepidation.

Everything you need is included: steel bearing plate, rubber dust boot, strut, spring isolators, springs, and piston. The idea behind all of the components being provided and assembled for you is about convenience and safety. A Unity assembly takes away several steps that save you time for installation. Since the part comes pre-assembled there is no need for you to decompress the spring, which can be dangerous as well as time-consuming.

Installation can be bit of a process. It depends on the OEM specs of the parts and the level of difficulty involved in accessing that area of your vehicle. One good thing is that a Unity suspension bypasses the tedious process of acquiring the parts and assembling them. Another advantage is that there are no special automotive tools necessary for the install. Some drivers estimate that they save up to 3 hours installing a Unity rear suspension than they would if using all new pieces. Less down time means your vehicle is up and running right away. No waiting for the shop to call you! But a word to the wise – if you aren’t experienced, confident, and skilled, it’s best to let professional mechanics handle the project.

Unity rear assembly kits are available for most makes and models. Check our selection to inquire about availability for your car or truck.

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