Breathable, Efficient Air Filter from Weapon R Make a Difference

Allowing your engine to breathe better is essential to gaining performance and making sure it lasts long. Weapon R has several types of air filters that look great in many different colors like red, blue, black and yellow. Weapon R designs three types of products including dragon air filters, dragon breather filters and dragon replacement cage foam filters. Weapon R air filters can be used on any type of aftermarket air intake as well just as long as it is the right size opening.

Every intake from Weapon R comes with their unique foam filter which protects the engine against any harmful contaminants and keeps the engine bay looking great, too. Their air intake filters can be easily replaced when the current one has been used and abused. When dirt builds up, it can no longer filter properly and should be replaced. Weapon R offers them in several colors so you can accent the engine bay with the color scheme you have.

The filter is also protected from Weapon R by a specially designed cage that surrounds. It. This cage protects against any types of parts of objects that may come into contact with it so the filter does not become damaged. Automotive filters that are not protected can easily be damaged by road debris that enters the engine bay. Weapon R produces them as universal product as well so literally any engine can benefit.

Engine protection and engine bay styling are both gained when using products from Weapon R. There are not many auto parts out there like these from Weapon R and most of them only either look good or perform well, but never both.

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