Brake with Power Thanks to Orangestuff Pads from EBC

Finding the right set of brake pads depends on the type of driving done and how often. EBC pads range from high performance to everyday street driving. Their line of EBC orangestuff pads are full race pads designed for the most extreme race vehicles that need a good bite with minimal brake fade. These are their hardest pads and must be properly bedded in more-so than others to ensure optimal contact.

OEM braking components simply cannot keep up with the demands of high speed racing. EBC orangestuff pads are specifically designed to increase pad life by 40%-60%. EBC pads can handle the higher temperatures associated with race track conditions. The proper pairing of pads & rotors can take a car from finishing last place, to finishing first place.

Combining the EBC orange stuff with EBC rotors will provide the best braking power possible. Using EBC orangestuff with OEM rotors will be slightly beneficial as long as the rotors are fairly new and do not have thousands of miles built up on them. EBC brake pads are available for nearly every vehicle and do not require any modifications during installation.

Using performance brake pads will give the driver confidence when taking turns at high speeds and when quick braking is needed. The last thing anyone wants is to slam into the car ahead from weak pads. EBC orange stuff is the newest design in their lineup and offer what most car enthusiasts have been looking for.

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