Brake Rotors of a Premium Level

Blank rotors are used by nearly every vehicle on the road. They are the most common type of brake rotors and come on numerous cars, trucks and SUVs that are not built for extreme high performance. EBC premium brake rotors are OEM replacement rotors that will increase the vehicle’s braking power and give the car better overall braking performance.

EBC quality replacement rotors are made from cast iron to ensure its durability and longevity. Owners will not have to worry about brake fade or the brakes failing for any reason, unless due to forgotten maintenance. EBC premium brake rotors perform even better when they are paired with EBC brake pads. Users can choose from EBC greenstuff, EBC yellowstuff, EBC redstuff, EBC orangestuff, EBC bluestuff and EBC Ultimax depending on the type of driving done and specific vehicle.

Their premium brake rotors are not cheap by any means. EBC only uses the highest of quality materials to construct their components. EBC premium rotors are less expensive than OEM rotors as well. They will also outperform any brake components from the automotive manufacturer.

Slotted rotors and drilled rotors are great, but they are not needed for average vehicles seen on the road. Blank rotors will not wear out the brake pads like slotted rotors do, and they will not crack like drilled rotors do. The cast iron is simply indestructible. They will also never warp from extreme temperatures.

EBC premium blank rotors cannot handle water as well as drilled rotors. There is no area for the liquid to escape and this leads to the brakes having to be pumped. Driving through flooded areas can cause problems for the brake calipers as well.

The disadvantage to having blank rotors is they do not look as nice as drilled or slotted rotors. They are relatively plain, but do their job at the same time. If you were to add a set of aftermarket wheels, the brake rotors will be seen a lot more and wouldn’t look very appealing.

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