Boost Turbo Performance with a Vortech Supercharger Kit

For the avid car enthusiast, pulling as much horsepower from the engine as they can is one of their main goals. For years, manufacturers have been finding ways of boosting horsepower and torque. There are hundreds of ways of doing this. Many companies have manufactured bolt-on supercharger kits. These bolt-on automotive superchargers are a direct fit for your specific vehicle. These manufacturers have spent countless hours perfecting this kit. Vortech offers some of the best automotive superchargers in the industry. These car supercharger kits come with everything needed to install including hoses and clamps. All of kits are 100% safe on stock, unmodified engines from the factory.

Considering all your options of enhancing your engine performance, adding an automotive supercharger is the way to go. Having a product that has already been tested and approved by other car enthusiasts will allow you to add the supercharger kit with confidence. Rebuilding an engine with bigger internals and upgraded parts will not only add to the weight, but can be very costly in the end with unforeseen expenses. When you buy an car supercharger kit, it comes with everything you need for your specific vehicle. You may be wondering how a supercharger works, and how it’s different than a turbocharger. It’s simple – a supercharger is belt powered from the crankshaft of the engine, and a turbocharger packs more air and fuel into the engine cylinders proving a boost in power. A supercharger is much easier to maintain with only having to worry about the belt.

Aside from just the supercharger, an intercooler is also added to cool the air before it enters the intake manifold. When the vehicle’s supercharger compresses the outside air, it gets hotter and cannot expand as much. When this air cannot expand, it will not provide optimum output. The intercooler cools this air down and allows for a smooth transition.

You may be wondering which automotive supercharger is right for you. They are offered in a few different forms: Roots, twin screw and centrifugal. The main difference from all of these is how they provide air to the intake manifold.

The oldest automotive supercharger design is the Roots. This supercharger is typically applied to hot rods and classic cars. If you’ve ever seen a hot rod with something sticking out of the hood, chances are this is a Roots supercharger. Not only are these the oldest, but they are also the lease efficient. These car superchargers are extremely heavy and add lots of weight to the vehicle. Aside from weight, they provide air to the intake manifold in bursts instead of a smooth transition. This will not allow for even power throughout the powerband when accelerating. A twin-screw automotive supercharger is similar to the Roots, but with a different way of moving air. Like the Root, the twin-screw also sits above the engine. Due to the twin-screw design, they are more efficient than the Roots, but also more expensive. Most of the twin-screw automotive superchargers are found on muscle cars like the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro.

For those of you that are still looking for the most efficient car supercharger, then the centrifugal supercharger is for you. This is the latest design and most efficient out of the bunch. These car superchargers are small and mount to the front of the engine. You will not have to worry about cutting a hole in your hood to fit this supercharger. What some car enthusiasts are after is the whine of the supercharger. This gives a distinct sound that is different from a turbo-charged vehicle. Adding an automotive supercharger is much cheaper than a turbo kit since it requires less work to install and no upgrades to the engine are necessary. Automotive superchargers can be used for many reasons including greater towing capacity, drag or car racing, and just an overall boost for everyday driving.

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