Bolster Racing Suspensions with KYB AGX Shocks for your Ride

What makes AGX performance shocks so inviting is that they are intended specifically for sport compact owners. In the past, most suspension products were geared towards regular sedans and trucks. Racing shocks were custom and hard to find. KYB recognized this open spot in the market. Their AGX performance shocks are used by competitive racers and tuning enthusiasts all over the country. Why are they so special? It starts with design and convenience. You can customize AGX performance shocks to suit your driving needs.

The primary highlight is their adaptability. KYB AGX shock absorbers feature two areas where you can adjust based on specific preferences. There is a knob located on the outside of the body that you can turn to manipulate the damping level. However, KGB AGX shock absorbers also have a slot on the piston rod you can adjust with a screwdriver. The reason why this is such an advantage is because it takes away the need to do a lot of work. You can change the damping settings on the KYB AGX shock absorbers without having to remove the tires or lift up your vehicle.

Another key is the intuitiveness. While you can use KYB AGX shock absorbers for residential driving, there is a special element: automatic firmness. Your car does not need extra support when traveling over smooth roads at cruising speeds. It is when velocity picks up that the adjustable shock absorbers work best. Inside of the cylinder is a valve that is sensitive to driving conditions. As soon as your car begins to accelerate the adjustable shock absorbers exhibit an increase in stiffness. When you combine this feature with your custom damping level, you can have a suspension that reacts specifically to your driving style. It is what sets adjustable shock absorbers from your original stock system.

This suspension upgrade is not available for every model on the market. KYB developed the length and width of the piston rods in-line with the deviation performance compacts typically endure. It is their adjustability that make them applicable as drag racing shocks or for other high-performance activities.

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