Bolder, stronger Perrin Dual Catback Exhausts reveal style and aggression

With a Perrin dual catback exhaust, the adage is that two is better than one. Instead of showing off a single tip, there are two for the extra power and tone drivers want. A Perrin dual catback exhaust unveils an aggressive edge for performance enthusiasts looking to raise their profile. Whether it is a WRX sedan or sporty Mini Cooper, loosening up airflow makes a difference. The engine is not subjected to the level of restriction the OEM configuration is responsible for, which helps increase horses and torque. Plus, Perrin dual catback exhausts produce a smooth, custom sound that others on the road take notice of.

Inside of a standard automotive exhaust is restrictive flow. The reason for this is due to crimped piping and an underperforming muffler. Subaru catbacks offer wider diameter pipes that shuffle out exhaust flow at a higher rate. This sustains higher density and velocity. The mufflers that Perrin uses for their Subaru catbacks are designed with a roomier inlet pipe and center chamber that is better suited to distribute the exhaust. This is what initiates the edgier volume that comes out through the tips.

From an aesthetic viewpoint, the dual tips a Subaru catback comes with offer a bolder exterior image. The tips are “slash cut”, which means they are cut on an angle. It is a different look than the typical rounded tips that come standard. As for performance, the Subaru catback does yield some additional HP. However, the key attraction to this setup is based more on sound and looks than actual gains in acceleration.

Each dual exhaust cat-back Perrin makes comes from stainless steel. The application of 304 stainless steel promotes a high level of endurance during extreme temps. Moreover, it helps the dual exhaust cat-back resist corrosion and rusting. The tubing is mandrel-bent and intricately machined at the flanges using digital technology. When your dual exhaust cat-back is installed it will mate properly to all OEM components.

To make installation easier your kit comes with V-band clamps. You can adjust the cat back system to align while tightening without having to undo unnecessary bolts. V-bands are also very sturdy and able to support several hundred pounds of pressure. A Lifetime Warranty is included with all Perrin dual exhaust systems.

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