Bigger Vehicles Need Punchier Brake Pads

Light trucks, 4x4s and SUVs need the strength of a strong brake pad, but with performance of a race pad. EBC extra duty brake pads combine all three to give the vehicle versatile performance. EBC extra duty provides increased stopping power, combined with longer life and zero noise. Extra duty brake pads also have a higher initial brake effect than other aftermarket pads. These EBC brake pads also provide nearly 80% less brake dust generated on light trucks, 4x4s and SUVs.

Versatility is the main quality gained when upgrading to these performance brake pads. Extra duty brake pads perform well in all conditions including cold, wet, dry and hot. Other light truck brake pads wouldn’t stand a chance against wet conditions. The material of the EBC extra duty can handle up to 1400 F, which is well above anything experienced through towing or heavy braking. SUV brake pads can heat up to very high temperatures, and the driver can use these from EBC to brake with confidence.

These Jeep brake pads will improve your pedal response when hitting the back trails. You will not have to worry about scraping the tree on the side from major brake fade. Raised V grooves also help with cooling and remove dirt and dust. These 4×4 brake pads are also the longest lasting product from EBC and cost less than original auto parts. EBC pads also feature steel backing plates which have 5 times the bond strength of conventional pads.

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