Bedding In Your Brakes? Read This

EBC brake pads must be properly bedded-in before taking full advantage of them. This process is done so that the brake pads have a flat surface applied to the rotors when braking. If the bed-in process is not done correctly, it will deeply affect how your brakes perform and you would have wasted countless amounts of money. The bedding-in time frame can be anywhere from one hundred miles to a thousand miles depending on the type of EBC brake pads you have.

Driving out slow and moderately braking should be done when your first start driving. The whole idea is to warm up the brake pads without overheating them. You can start out at 35 mph and do some moderate braking. Then, increase the speed and do some more moderate braking. Do not come to a quick and complete stop at this stage because this will melt the brake pads against the hot rotors. Do this for the first few hundred miles, or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Driving with new EBC brake pads is great, but many people overlook the fact that they must be properly bedded-in. Most mechanics will never tell you this, and you would find out the hard way. Your performance brake pads will be a huge waste of money. High and low spots will occur on the brake pad for increased vibrations and sporadic braking.

If you bed them in properly, they will last you a long time and be the best low dust brake pads you’ve ever had.

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