Are You Protecting Your Headlights Properly?

Protecting your vehicle’s headlights is a must if you want to avoid paying lots of money for replacements. Headlights cost over one thousand dollars on some high end vehicles. Husky Liners headlite guard is a film that is installed directly over your headlights for maximum protection. The Husky shield installs in a few minutes and each film is cut specifically for your vehicle so there is no trimming necessary.

Automotive headlights become chipped, pitted and turn yellow from constant sunlight. Overtime, the light output decreases and seeing the road at night become difficult. The Husky shield is a clear film that goes over each headlight to avoid this from happening. Husky Liners have made it easy on the installer as well since the adhesive backing sticks very easily. The film also has no chance of coming off while driving. If you decide to remove the headlight protection film, you will notice when you take it off that the headlights look brand new.

Husky Liners headlite guard is just a fraction of what a new headlight costs. The best way to preserve your headlights is to install their film immediately so they can last forever. Some people like to polish their headlights, which removes some oxidation and minor pitting. But, what they do not know is it shaves down a layer of the plastic headlight which makes it more brittle and prone to damage. As soon as a rock hit the headlight, the lens cracks and a new one is needed and this will never happen with Husky Liners headlite guard.

The headlight protection film will save you time and money that you will spend trying to polish your headlights. It will also save you from buying replacement headlights each time they crack. Protect your headlights the right way with Husky Liners.

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