An Introduction to SPEC Clutch and Your Options

The ultimate in aftermarket performance clutches is Spec clutch. Their performance auto parts will greatly increase your vehicle’s performance, and supply additional power handling. The automotive clutch is designed to connect and disconnect the manual transmission from the engine so the vehicle never stops. It handles all of the torque put out by the engine, so if you are increasing the power of your engine, you are going to need a stronger performance clutch as well.

There are many benefits that a Spec clutch has over your factory clutch like improved shifts, better power transfer, and much stronger. The factory clutch is only designed to handle the power that the engine puts out, nothing more. Spec performance clutches handle the added power that the owner is looking for and last longer as well. Each performance clutch is vehicle specific and completely replaces your current one for a perfect fit.

The clutch and driveline of any vehicle is crucial in its performance and how well it operates. Sure, there is some user error like missing shifts or riding the clutch itself, but factory parts can wear out prematurely and there is no telling when this will happen. Every Spec clutch is more affordable and will last longer due to its strength. They manufacturer each performance clutch in different power capacities so the user can select the proper setup.

Spec clutch has more than 5 different types of performance clutches to accommodate users with high performance vehicles and daily driven vehicles. Spec Stage 1, Spec Stage 2, Spec stage 3, Spec stage 4, and Spec stage 5 are each a performance clutch that can handle a certain range of power. Selecting the right performance clutch not only benefits your vehicle, but it prevents it from wearing out too fast from not being strong enough if the wrong one is selected.

The lower stages of each Spec clutch are geared more towards lightly powered vehicles that have a bit more power than when it came off the assembly line. Not every performance clutch can handle all types of driving. The higher stages handle high amounts of torque that are used for racing applications and the drag strip. When a clutch can handle more power, it provides a different pedal feel which is always stronger than stock. A stronger pedal is not recommended for daily driving because it would be very hard on the driver.

Your vehicle can also benefit from the tuned billet flywheels offered from Spec clutch. They are designed to be stronger and more durable than your current one and work great with any performance clutch. They can be used for many different driving types like every day driving, street racing and drag racing, depending on the specific flywheel.

Not only are they great for performance enhancements, but the Spec performance clutch is perfect as an OEM replacement. For those not needing a performance clutch, Spec clutch designs their Stage 1 as an OEM replacement clutch that performs just like stock, but is more durable and affordable. It does not have the same characteristics as their other high performance clutches, and is something owners can rely on.

Upgrade to a Spec performance clutch when your factory one is slipping. If you have a vehicle with many miles on it, chances are the clutch is slipping and you are not getting the proper amount of power from your vehicle. Going with a performance clutch will allow your vehicle to perform at its best so you can focus your attention on other areas.

Every Spec clutch is manufactured on site and not outsourced so you know you are getting a quality performance clutch. The clutch & driveline is one area where you do not want to skimp out on performance parts. If selected properly, Spec clutches will not wear out prematurely like stock clutches do. They can handle higher temperatures and transfer your torque much better.

With a performance clutch does come some more chatter, which is also consistent with any automotive clutch. The chatter is more apparent on the higher stages of clutches that Spec offers. Clutch chatter is increased vibrations as the car accelerates from low RPMs.

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