An Aero Cargo Bag Might Be Just What You Need

Increasing storage space is easy with an aerodynamic roof cargo bag. Having to cram all of your stuff inside your vehicle can cause a mess. It makes things disorganized and even distracting while driving. The aerodynamic roof cargo bag locks in place using the roof rack, creating extra room in the cabin. It is specifically designed to minimize wind resistance while the vehicle is in motion. The aerodynamic roof cargo bag has a downward curve when facing forward. It cuts through wind to promote greater downforce. If your travels are taking you hundreds of miles away it can also pay dividends in fuel economy.

You will be able to fit most objects easily in the Lund soft rooftop bag. The outer perimeter measures in at 39”x32”x18” (taking the sloping angle into consideration). On the inside, the Lund soft rooftop bag is good for up to 13 cubic feet of space. You do not have to limit your inventory to clothes or light beach gear. The Lund soft rooftop bag can handle heavier storage with no problem. Tools, musical instruments, and camping supplies will fit without causing rips or tears. The only objects to avoid are sharp items that could potentially protrude through the material.

The outer shell of each Lund soft rooftop bag is comprised of poly-nylon fibers for full weatherproof protection. Should you encounter inclement conditions en route to your destination, you will not have to be concerned. Raindrops will bead on the soft pack cargo bag without penetrating through. The same goes for ice, slush, snow, and even mud. Any damp substances that splash onto the exterior of the soft pack cargo bag will either be deflected off or can be washed away quickly.

Since it is intended for removal there is no permanent installation. The soft pack cargo bag uses the included webbed straps. These straps are attached to the roof rack of your SUV or minivan to keep everything in place. Made of heavy-duty material, the straps maintain a lock on the aerodynamic cargo carrier, even when your vehicle is faced with going over bumpy terrain.

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