Aluminum Perrin Solenoid Covers Display a Nice Stylish Look

Style and safety make Perrin boost solenoid covers an attractive addition under the hood. The factory casing is made of cheap metal that is not only vulnerable, but dull, as well. Perrin boost solenoid covers add a custom look that is equally as tough. For drivers who push their cars in competition and house other engine upgrades, extra protection in the Subaru performance engine compartment is necessary. Between heat and additional wiring there are more parts that are exposed. A Perrin boost solenoid cover goes a long way towards shoring up security while throwing in a splash of expression along with it.

If you are a fan of turbocharged performance, protecting the solenoid in your car is a good idea. Putting an aluminum boost control case over it helps prevent incidental contact and damage from heat. The engine bay sees extreme temperatures regularly, especially in racing vehicles. An STI engine solenoid cover works by providing an encompassing awning over the area. Instead of direct contact with heat, the 5052 plate aluminum Perrin uses enacts a seal. Heat instead has to be redirected. Plus, the 5052 aluminum the STI engine solenoid cover is known for its ability to handle heat better than most automotive materials.

However, the visual aspect is also appealing to many drivers. One of the key benefits an STI engine solenoid cover offers is another added piece for demonstrational purposes. A lot of Impreza WRX/STI owners dress up the engine because they display their vehicles at auto shows. When they lift up the hoods to their respective cars they often have other cases in addition to STI engine solenoid covers. These kinds of upgrades are popular for other parts, as well. They are easy to find with other Perrin Impreza accessories.

There are two finishes boost solenoid shields come in – red and black. It is a textured powdercoat that serves another purpose besides color. The powdercoat is what enables the boost solenoid shield to be resistant to rusting and corrosion. That comes in handy during the winter months. Even in the engine bay, rock salt can hinder parts. The boost solenoid shield will not become damaged due to rock salt or other substances.

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