Alternator Covers Promote Custom Style Under the Hood

Subaru owners pick up GrimmSpeed alternator covers usually for cosmetic reasons. If you are sporting upgrades in the engine compartment and like to show off what you have going on, this presents something extra. However, GrimmSpeed alternator covers also offer practical protection for a variety of driving lifestyles. Racers, tuners, and even the everyday motorist can use enhanced security around critical components, especially if their cars are used in competitive circumstances. GrimmSpeed alternator covers present the kind of material and design that does the job under any Impreza’s hood.

Stock protectors can be flimsy yet cumbersome. GrimmSpeed makes WRX alternator guards that fit with accuracy and promote upgraded durability. Their shape is not simply folded up sheet metal but is instead, streamlined. WRX alternator guards are designed to protect the alternator while still allowing for clearance for belts and pulleys. GrimmSpeed uses 3D CAD-rendering software of each model for pinpoint measurement at every angle. This allows WRX alternator guards to install easily. There is no interference with neighboring components thanks to its slotted mounting system. Just remove the factory cover, follow the included instructions, and install the WRX alternator guard in its place.

Their level of toughness is meant to withstand intense driving conditions. These Subaru alternator covers are manufactured from either aluminum or stainless steel, depending on style. Either material can endure the environment of the engine bay. The main difference is that stainless steel Subaru alternator covers are given a protective film to prevent scratches and scrape. Aluminum offers more options. If you choose an aluminum Subaru alternator cover, it comes finished with a special DuPont texture powder coating. From here, you can select colors such as black, red, or silver.

One of the most important traits of custom alternator covers is that they resist corrosion. Because of the heated but exposed climate in the engine compartment, parts can corrode if not properly managed. The alternator protector along with its anodized mount supports are designed to prevent corrosion and rusting. All GrimmSpeed Subaru accessories come with hardware and installation instructions.

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