Adjust Height Preferences Easily Thanks to H&R Coilovers

For complete ride height adjustability, H&R coilovers will provide your vehicle with an extremely low drop or a stock ride height, depending on what you want. H&R designs over 4 different types that range from sport to full race applications. H&R makes them easy to adjust as well with the simple use of their threaded shocks which lowers and raises vehicle height.

The H&R adjustable springs provide comfort, durability and performance to any car that they are installed on. Each style is vehicle specific so you know it will fit your application. H&R coilovers make it easy to raise the vehicle in the winter months and then drop it back down during the summer for complete versatility. H&R is the ultimate suspension system if adjustability is what you need.

Some of the H&R products also allow for dampening adjustability which can raise or lower the stiffness of your suspension. This is essential to anyone who drives their vehicle on the street during the week and takes it to the track on the weekend. You can set the H&R system to a soft setting and then stiffen it up on the weekends for hard cornering. The stiffer setting decreases body roll even more so taking turns at higher speeds is possible.

H&R also makes an extremely small set which helps with clearance issues that some vehicles may have when they lower the car to extreme levels. There can be issues when you lower the car to extreme levels like needing smaller wheels, increasing negative camber, and removing the fender liner. Using the smaller setup from H&R makes it easier for these vehicles to lower their car to the max.

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