Adjust Camber and Toe with a Little Help from Ksport

Whenever you lower your vehicle with Ksport suspension components, the car’s alignment will be out of specs and must be fixed in order to prevent extreme tire wear and sloppy handling. The Ksport camber and toe kits provide maximum adjustment for the user in which they can tune both camber and toe of the vehicle. Some users may want OEM alignment specifications while others want their own adjustments for track and race purposes and Ksport provides both of these.

Negative camber is the first alignment issue when you lower your vehicle. Ksport coilovers have a very wide range of adjustment and users can lower their car as much as 3 inches, which causes the top of the wheel to sink in causing extreme negative camber. Ksport camber and toe kits are used to combat this issue and give maximum tuning to the user which can either restore factory alignment specifications or make it track-ready.

The unique orange color associated with Ksport stands out behind the wheels and keeps its color even through the harsh winters. The corrosion resistant coating that is applied to each suspension alignment kit means years of fine tuning and adjustment for your suspension. Ksport also uses quality bushings for these alignment kits which can withstand the forces associated with extreme racing conditions and accommodate the sharp angles for lowered vehicles.

Dialing in the car’s suspension is crucial to proper handling and tire tread life. Ksport should be used whenever you lower the vehicle, even if it is just an inch. There is no telling how much negative camber you will have or how much the toe angle is out of alignment.

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