A Versatile M1 Bumper Might Be Just What Your Wrangler Needs

Gearing up the front of your truck with a Smittybilt truck bumper means you have an appreciation for utility. This is not a cosmetic upgrade that simply provides a custom look, though it does add a personalized touch. Rather, the job of a Smittybilt truck bumper is to offer a strong, versatile replacement that can perform on the job site as well as off-road. The key is in the durability and design. With a Smittybilt truck bumper, your truck has a bolder and more capable front-end that stands firm with a limited lifetime warranty.

What a Smittybilt truck bumper does is display a centralized hub that performs as well as it looks. Instead of just acting as a piece of protection, the M1 front bumper sports its own built-in winch plate that can handle up to 16,500 pounds. This feature is perfect for truck owners who use their vehicles for contracting work. But the replacement bumper is not limited to towing. Preinstalled are powerful fog lights that cut through dense or dark air. These lights come in handy for drivers who like to hit the trails after sundown. In addition, the M1 front bumper also includes mounted D-rings, which are welded in for extra strength.

All of these attributes are included in the M1 front bumper as part of a one-piece design. Utilizing single-unit construction allows Smittybilt M1 bumpers to portray a higher level of sturdiness than other front truck parts. The method and material in how it is manufactured plays a large role in why that is. Every M1 bumper is crafted from 3/16″ cold-rolled steel with 1/4″ mounting plates that install around the cross member and frame horns. The best part is that installation does not require any drilling or modification. Smittybilt M1 bumpers are affixed to the front using your OEM mounting points. All necessary hardware is included.

The finish is what gets a lot of truck owners’ attention, which is why to some drivers Smittybilt M1 bumpers are as much a fashion accessory as they are a rugged work station. Smitty uses a special two stage matte black powder coat that compliments the color of any truck on the market. The finish of the bumper is backed by a 5 year limited warranty.

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