A Snapshot of KYB Strut Assemblies

You get everything you need with a KYB strut assembly, including a quick installation process. When the time has come to attack your suspension and replace components, it can turn into a scavenger hunt. You might wind up having to order parts for your full strut assembly from several different locations. It can be a hassle. A KYB strut assembly takes care of all that. Everything you need is provided down to the bearing plate. The reason why this is such an advantage is because of consistency. All of the components in a KYB strut assembly are new. There is no need to mix and match with old parts, which can actually be damaging to your struts in the first place.

The parts that come in the strut-plus assembly are an Excel-G strut, coil spring, boot kit, spring insulator, spring seat, bearing plate, and bumper. It is important to note that each piece is assigned an individual part number, so it is specific for each application. This is an area that makes the strut-plus assembly a benefit over many competitors. KYB does not use “crossover” parts, which means that each component can only be used for the side they are designed for. For example, a strut-plus assembly intended for the front left side of a vehicle will only fit that side.

Since the entire package is uniform you will not have to worry about any deviation in your suspension. Your ride height will be up to factory standards on each side using a strut-plus assembly. Just as critical is the weight distribution and steering. That is one reason why KYB replacement struts are offered in a full assembly. While the strut on its own is the bellwether to your suspension system, having a dependable coil spring along with properly sized insulators and seats means that your vehicle will maintain balance. It also means that KYB replacement struts will also help reduce oscillating noise and vibration.

There is only one main way to purchase this upgrade, and that is via model. But you can select based on a specific area of your vehicle. KYB replacement struts are available for the front right, front left, and rear sides of a model. You do not have to order both sides if only one is an issue. All aftermarket strut assemblies come with install instructions.

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