A Shiny Lund Billet Grille Improves Front End Fashion

Bold style in the front makes a billet perimeter grille a worthwhile addition to any large vehicle’s profile. This is a customization that has been popular for quite some time. A big part of that is due to the OEMs. Often, trucks do not leave the factory with a quality grill. That leaves it up to consumers to do it themselves. Replacing the factory part with a billet perimeter grille is easy with Lund. The company gives you the ability to step up both the looks and ruggedness of your front-end with little effort. Best of all, their billet perimeter grilles are made for most of the more popular trucks on the road.

Certain modifications take a lot of effort. Putting in a framed perimeter grille does not. It is a straightforward procedure. In most cases, all you are called upon to do is remove the factory part and fit the framed perimeter grille in its place. This involves undoing the fasteners that are located on top of the radiator (when you open the hood) and at the bottom of the OEM grille. Some vehicles do require cutting. However, it is not invasive. You may have to trim the inside of the space in order to fit the framed perimeter grille. In rare instances, light drilling may be necessary. Consult the directions that come with your framed perimeter grille for confirmation.

One thing you can count on is durability. Since it is a piece that is locked onto the front it has to be tough. Lund polished grilles are made from genuine T-6 aluminum. This type of aluminum is referred to “aircraft grade” because of its ability to handle extreme temperatures. It also makes the Lund polished grille better equipped to stave off rusting or corrosion. Of course, one of T-6 aluminum’s best characteristics is its finish. Lund polished grilles present a gleaming but not overbearing finish that contrasts nicely with the ruggedness of a truck’s exterior. It is attractive, but also understated.

The custom perimeter billet grille is available for the Silverado, Ram, F-150, Tacoma and even some cars such as the Chrysler 300, Cadillac CTS, and Chevy Impala. It is not a universal fitment. Aftermarket truck grilles must be purchased according to exact year, make, and model.

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