A Responsible Master Cylinder Your Foot Will Love

The responsibility of a Centric master cylinder is broken up into two phases: Fluid distribution and pedal comfort. Some of this is related to braking ratio and bore capacity and some of it has to do with how the brakes feel. Choosing a Centric master cylinder is based around these parameters. Of course, your vehicle’s requirements are also part of the picture. Before you select the part number that is right for you it is best to understand its function and what it offers. Since subjectivity is a factor when it comes to replacing the OEM master brake cylinder, it is important to adhere to factory guidelines for street usage.

Many drivers know that hoses distribute fluid to the caliper pistons. But this network originates at the Centric master cylinder, which is tasked with holding the fluid and pushing it through the system. Deciding on this part can be troublesome if you are unsure how the system represents your vehicle’s ability to stop. Every OEM master brake cylinder is part of a ratio between the fluid pressure it can release in accordance with the distance your foot travels to hit the brake. For most applications, this distance is somewhere in the middle. Your foot hits the pedal, it activates the cylinder, and your vehicle soon comes to a halt.

This is largely determined by bore size, which refers to the capacity of fluid that is appropriate. In essence, the larger the bore, the more volume that is produced. Consequently, cylinders with a smaller bore offer a higher amount of pressure. You should choose your bore size according to the piston area of the calipers because it is here that sets the endpoint for pedal ratio.

The other factor in choosing your Centric master cylinder has to do with brake effort or “pedal feel.” Everyday vehicles and racing setups typically utilize two different configurations. Pedal feel in relation to a master cylinder has to do with the effort it takes to push down on the pedal and also, the distance the pedal travels. This is where it gets subjective. If you would like less effort, a smaller bore would be your choice. If you desire less pedal distance, a larger bore would be appropriate. As long as your Centric master cylinder matches all other braking components, your pedal distance can be customized to your preferences.

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