A Quick Look at Nitro Shock Boots

Although small in scope, there is nothing insignificant about nitro shock boots. A hostile environment hosts where your main suspension parts are located. It is hot. It is also close enough to the ground to where elements from the surface can cause a problem. For drivers who like to get down and dirty,  it is a smart idea to enact a layer of toughness that protects your suspension pistons and struts from potential damage.

This is a gradual process. Most often, debris sticks to your pistons rather than falls off or dries. Over time, it becomes gritty. Nitro shock boots are manufactured to guard against dirty substances sticking around. Part of this is due to their streamlined, vertical fit. These boots deliver a protective layer that hugs the shock piston or strut. The purpose to this casing is to defend against moisture and debris. Right where the suspension pistons jump is a sensitive area. If a substance begins to hinder its movement, the suspension suffers. It can also lead to leaks. The boots cover the entire area as a preemptive protective measure.

In addition to the area they cover, reinforcement is also a key attribute. This is vital due to the energy dissipation factor. Nitro boots are made from a specific synthetic rubberized compound. The goal is for heat and moisture to be fended off of the surface so that the interior of the shock stays functional. But a thinner sleeve can be penetrable. No problem here, as the boots repel a much higher percentage of potential contaminants. The rubber is also very agreeable to different climate changes. Temperature variants affect truck suspension systems. Cold can make components stiff. Tuff Country shocks perform the same in December as they do in August.

Finally, systematic pressure is also preserved. Shock absorbers require a hydraulic (or gas) charge. This pressure is often compromised due to corrosion. Nitros act as a jacket that insulates the area from becoming overrun with muck. The more disruption the piston has to contend with, the more pressure begins to fade. This is why they perform a vital function in terms of maintenance. The metal of the strut sustains its integrity inside of the housing. Because the exterior is kept clean, the overall functionality of the absorber is increased. Not only does this add performance to your truck’s shocks, but it adds longevity, as well.

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