A One Piece Downpipe Make a Difference Quickly

If you are looking for more performance out of your exhaust, an Invidia test pipe could be the answer. In any sports compact, it is key to modify the factory exhaust system in order to create the kind of gains and torque that make a difference on the road. With an Invidia test pipe, exhaust flows freely, allowing your engine to produce more horsepower.

Invidia test pipes are a one-piece unit that takes the place of your car’s catalytic converter. In order for your engine to operate at an optimal level, it needs all the airflow it can get. The stock cat holds back exhaust gases from being able to be released freely. An Invidia test pipe takes the place of the converter, offering a more direct path with wider piping that lets exhaust flow more easily. Once exhaust flow is given extra freedom, your engine is under less strain and can pump out additional HP that before was being held hostage.

What separates a one piece test pipe from a factory car exhaust part is the shape. Because they are designed for more airflow, one piece test pipes have a wide 3″ diameter. They are also mandrel-bent to present a straighter angle with less bends to keep those exhaust gases on the move. There is no need to further modify your exhaust for installation. One piece test pipes bolt right on to your OEM or aftermarket turbo exhaust parts.

Invidia manufactures all single piece downpipes out of genuine stainless steel, including the flanges. The flanges on each pipe are formed with CNC machining. They are also more robust to significantly lower the risk of cracking. Stainless steel is an important material for a cat delete pipe due to its location. Hosted in your car’s undercarriage, single piece downpipes are continuously exposed to hot exhaust gases as well as the elements from outside of the pipe, such as pebbles, dirt, and dust. Stainless steel is a much more durable material for Subaru and EVO racing parts than aluminum or aluminized steel.

Single piece downpipes are polished prior to shipping and arrive with all necessary hardware for installation. Because this part eliminates the catalytic converter, it may not pass emissions requirements in certain states (CA).

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