A Look at Mandrel Bent Exhaust Pipes and Why They Work

Throughout the automotive industry a process that you may have heard about is mandrel bending. This refers to the bending of metal or steel parts, usually pipes, in order to achieve a specific shape or curve. Most often, mandrel bending is used for steel exhaust pipes or components. There are several reasons why steel exhausts are manufactured this way.

Stainless steel is a material employed by many aftermarket exhaust parts brands, including Invidia. It is used because steel exhausts promote a high degree of durability, are resistant to rust, and provide a nice finish. This is in contrast to OEM exhaust parts, which many times are made of aluminum, aluminized steel, or cast iron.

Invidia exhaust pipes, depending on the model they are designed for and the type of pipe (test pipe, down pipe, etc.) showcase slight curves or angles. The goal of an aftermarket exhaust pipe is to minimize the number of bends in a pipe, not add more of them. Mandrel bent pipes are shaped according to certain variables such as how they will fit to another pipe and also to account for the ground clearance of the car. In order to guarantee that the bend of the racing exhaust is perfect, manufacturers employ a mandrel bender (or mandrel) that they can feed data into. The degree of the bend (45 degrees, 90 degrees, et al.) as well as the length and diameter of theperformance exhaust pipe are input into the machine’s settings and quickly, a mandrel bent exhaust pipe is finished.

Mandrel bent pipes very often feature bends at several locations, not just one. Therefore, a pipe may have to be put into the machine several times before it is finished. This is especially common with catback pipes for a performance car exhaust. Another attribute shared by many mandrel bent pipes is that they often have a wide diameter (2.5″-3″). That is because aftermarket exhausts are designed to increase exhaust flow, as more gas can pass through them.

Invidia specializes in manufacturing top-quality aftermarket exhausts using stainless steel. Because all of their parts are custom designed for a niche segment of performance models, it is critical all of their pipes fit and function perfectly.

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