A Glance at Ksport Performance Air Suspension System

Equipping your car with air ride is the ultimate form of aftermarket suspension upgrades and in some ways is better than Ksport coilovers. The Ksport basic air suspension system is designed as entry level kit for users that are not looking to break the bank, but still want the adjustability of riding on air bags. Air ride suspension offers the most adjustability in terms of aftermarket suspension and the end user can go lower or raise the car within seconds.

Everything is included for installation with this kit from Ksport including all necessary fittings, hoses, wiring and installation manuals to make the install very easy. Every Ksport air suspension system also uses VIAIR compressors which are the best in the industry and look extremely appealing. The air compressor can be easily installed in the trunk to still maintain storage area. This kit from Ksport can raise of lower the car within 4-7 seconds with a manual paddle valve. The front and the rear work off separate switches so the user can dial in the perfect height.

The compressor is also easily monitored with a needle gauge mounted to the front, which allows the user to see how much pressure there is. Ksport makes this as a barebones kit which is their most basic kit. For even more upgrades, they offer several other advanced kits with more tuning and adjustments.

Although more costly than Ksport adjustable coilovers, their air suspension kits allow for more adjustability, performance and comfort. Instead of spending time outside the vehicle raising or lowering your coilovers, this kit is used with a manual switch inside the vehicle.

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